An Open Letter To My Sister & Brother From Other Mothers



Dear Jimmy and Krystle,

Words can’t express how happy  I am for you. To welcome a mini-you into this world.  I’m not sure the world is ready for that! I think one of the most amazing things about my marriage to John (aside from John, because what’s not amazing about having him in my life) is having the two of you to call my own. Yes, I claim you for myself, because that’s how I roll.

Jimmy, you were there to listen to me so many late nights when we were teens. You were the “cool” older brother I never had. You had your own car, and you had graduated from High School. In my eyes you were living the life. In a lot of ways I connected to you because we are a lot alike. You are a deep thinker, creative, skilled with your hands. You inspire me because you can do anything you set your mind to. You are passionate about learning, and I love listening to you talk about things that interest you. Much like John Jr. you can make things that never seemed interesting before come to life, just by talking about them.

Krystle, you are a lot like John. It makes me laugh because I can hear him saying some of the same things you’ve said to me. You amaze me because I don’t know that I have ever met a woman as strong as you. You are a logical thinker and in the hardest of times have balanced out my complete emotional craziness. You are so much fun to be around because when I’m with you I feel alive. You can be funny and serious at the same time. You make me laugh while I’m crying, and you’re never afraid to set me straight!

You are beautiful, thoughtful, compassionate, and honest. You keep me grounded and much like John, you as a sister are like my other half. You’re everything I’m not, and I think we make a great team. You are a great mom, and an amazing Aunt. I trust you to watch my kids because even though four is a handful, I know you can keep them under control!

I am inspired by your marriage. How you communicate and accept each other right where you are and for who you are. You are both honest and straightforward. I don’t ever have to wonder what to expect because you are both so true to who you are. I am also inspired by your willingness to meet the needs of those you love. I know that I can always count on you, and our family knows that as well. You have done what most of us will never do, taken in a child who needed a home, needed a family, needed love, and you have changed her life. You have given her a chance to experience life in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without you. You both challenge me to be a better person, to love more, and step out of my comfort zone.

I can’t wait to meet your little piece of fruit, and I’m excited to welcome this baby to a crazy, yet amazing family.

I love you both so much, and can never fully explain how much you have impacted my life. I don’t deserve to be part of such a crazy wonderful family.

Through the good times and the bad, I’ve always known you were there for me if I needed you. Thank you for that.

Love always,

The sister you both know you always wanted (am I right?… please tell me I’m right)


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