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The Little Mermaid Bedroom Makeover

When we decided to paint the girls' bedroom a few weeks ago, we weren't going to choose a theme, so we just asked the girls what their favorite colors were. For years, pink and purple have been Lexi and Anna's signature colors, but I knew that was changing. When I asked the girls what colors they wanted to paint their room they both agreed that teal and purple were their top picks, and in that moment The Little Mermaid Bedroom makeover was born. I have to admit that Disney's The Little Mermaid has always been and will always be my favorite … [Read More...]



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BRCA Breast Cancer Gene Mutation

BRCA Breast Cancer Gene Testing Tomorrow

Up until this point I haven't spoken a word of this on my blog. Heck, I've only talked to a handful of people about this in "real life". I know myself pretty well, and I should have seen this coming. I only have two coping mechanisms: Freak Out Mode which includes hours of research & stress and Avoidance Mode... pretty self-explanatory. When it … [Read More...]

The Perfect Blog Pitch

The Perfect Blog Pitch

I finally got around to editing my How To Review Products On Your Blog post, and now I want to share something I am really passionate about...The Blog Pitch! Crafting the perfect blog pitch is time-consuming, but we are writers so it really isn't that hard! As a blogger, especially a new blogger it is easy to get caught up in getting "free … [Read More...]

Review Products

How To Review Products On Your Blog

 You've been blogging for a while now and you're starting to gain some fans and followers, that's awesome! There's nothing I love more than helping newer bloggers. So how do you review products on your blog? I'm assuming if you've landed here you are either already starting to get pitched for product reviews OR you're interested in … [Read More...]


Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Coconut Oil?

So you may be asking yourself "Is it possible to eat too much coconut oil?" and I can answer that for you. I hope you're not asking because you already have a good idea that it's possible. Okay, to be more blunt, I hope you're not searching Google for an answer from your bathroom. The short answer is HECK YES! You can most definitely eat too much … [Read More...]

Faithfully Free VA Services

Faithfully Free VA Services

Thank you for your interest in Faithfully Free VA. We are dedicated to helping bloggers reach their full potential by providing services that alleviate the stress of feeling like you have to "do it all". As a blog owner you are the CEO of your business, which means you don't have time for important yet menial tasks. That's where we come in.What … [Read More...]