Baby Gear Sites You Need to Know About

The process of having babies has changed very little over the centuries. The chemical recipe hasn’t changed a bit. It still takes nine months (okay, 10 if you’re a nerd). Women still get morning sickness and weird food cravings, and at the end of the process is still a whole lot of screaming and a big mess. What also has not changed is the fact that women are still eager to go through it, some even multiple times, and the population continues to grow.

The big innovation however, is how we shop for baby products. Having a baby has become highly commercialized. Like Christmas, it has become a season for spending copious amounts of money on items of suspect utility. The only difference? The season lasts FOREVER! Rather than trying to dissuade you from that path, this article will help you do an even better job at sourcing the most interesting baby products from around these baby gear sites around the web:


Image credit: john mcafee | YouTube


You don’t normally think of as a site for baby products. But right now, they are listing some of the hottest products not yet on the market that were announced at the Consumer Electronics Show. At CES, There was a heavy focus on fitness tracking. The makers of these devices are now targeting your baby with high-tech gadgets designed to have your baby quantifying itself along side her self-quantifying parents. One or two of the ideas are even pretty good.

VivaLNK E-skin- Thermometer

Image credit: VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer

Among the more interesting products is the VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer. If your baby has a slight temperature (every mother’s concern), you can stick this cute little patch on the baby’s forehead. With a smartphone app, you can monitor the temperature from afar.

There is a new baby bottle accessory called Baby Glgl. It uses motion sensing to determine exactly the right angle the bottle should be tilted for eliminating gas-causing air bubbles.

Pacif-i is a bluetooth pacifier that allows you to track the baby’s temperature. And perhaps more importantly, the app helps you find the pacifier when the baby chucks it across the room. If none of those things tickle your fancy, there is even a motorized rocker. After all, what parent wants to rock their own baby? Ah… CES. Read about more these products here. And look for them in the coming months at a Baby Emporium near you.

Baby Emporium HI

Never mind the Baby Emporium. Check out It is a Hawaii-based site that organizes around brands. If you navigate to “strollers” under the Products section, you will not get a list of strollers, but a list of brands. Clicking a brand takes you to that company’s website: the part that displays the stroller options.


The Baby Cubby

The Baby Cubby offers a more traditional site navigation experience with well-marked menus that make it easy for you to see what’s on offer, and find exactly what you are looking for. It even has a convenient section for moms.


Hip Baby Gear

If you care about your baby having the hippest gear on the planet, you can try Besides implying some type of “cool” factor, and putting “gear” in the name, the site is similar to Baby Cubby, but with side navigation as opposed to top navigation. They ship internationally, and offer free shipping for orders over $75. A quick glance at the site makes one wonder how any order could be less than that.

Top 20 Sites 

Finally, whether you are looking for organic baby clothes to portable play yards, you can find it online. As the URL implies, this a listing of 20 baby product sites. There is no telling how the list is compiled. So take the rankings with a box of salt. Still, the list of sites range from general purpose to highly specialized niche.

Is this crass consumerism? Absolutely! But I say, it’s your baby. Spoil him/her while you can. It is a short trip from here to first dates, car keys, and marriage. Trust me, I know! So check out these baby gear sites and let me know what you think!

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